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Flowirl 8700 is the only vortex flowmeter with integrated pressure (optional) and Flowirl 8700 consists of the Flowirl 8000 sensor and the Flowirl 700 converter. Forbes Marshall Pvt Ltd offers Flowirl 8700, the only Vortex Flow Meter with integrated pressure (optional) and temperature compensation in 2-wire Rosemount 8700 Series www.rosemount.com. Magnetic Flowmeter Sensors. NOTICE. Read this manual before working with the product. For personal and PDF processed with CutePDF evaluation edition www. Flowirl 8700 provides accurate measurement of operating, standard volumetric and mass flow of. Flowirl 8700 on Pure Water application in. Pharmaceutical Industry. What is Wockhardt Globally. Preparing for change before change beckons. Harnessing the 16 Dec 2014 WARNING notices as used in this manual apply to hazards or unsafe practices 8700. 140000. 55. 8. 200. 18500. 247000. 43. 10. 250. 21600. 382000. 28.Special version of FLOWIRL 8700 vortex flow meter for pure water application ( conventional with TC ends). Page 2. Special version of FLOWIRL 8700 vortex Flowirl 8700 is the only vortex flowmeter with integrated pressure (optional) and Flowirl 3700 consists of the Flow | BUDO sensor and the Flowirl 700 converter See Table 1. PT. SC. Manual. 1 German. 3 English. 4 French. F8700 IIIIIIIIIIIII. 3 Manual. 4 Certificates, calibration certificate, parameter data sheet The FLOWIRL 8700K compact unit consists of a VFS 8000 sensor and the VFC 700

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